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The Makeup Show

  • Event Alert: The Makeup Show Holiday Pop-Up Shop

    The Makeup Show, the beauty professionals-only event held annually in various major cities, is having a pop-up shop December 12 & 13 in New York City. Open to both professionals and the public, th...
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  • The Makeup Show NYC 2011

    New product: NARS Pro-Prime apntag.anq.push(function() { apntag.showTag('ga_os_12345124'); });   apntag.anq.push(function() { apntag.sho...
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  • The Makeup Show did not disappoint!

    I went to The Makeup Show with every intention of live tweeting about all of the neat new products I was seeing, networking with other beauty bloggers, and picking up some new products. Well one out o...
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  • Hi, I’m Jonell and I am a beauty addict..

    I am so excited to attend The Makeup Show tomorrow that I literally feel like an addict must feel when they are about to get their next hit. In preparation for the big event, I went to The Makeup Show...
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  • Anticipating The Makeup Show

    Yesterday, I registered for The Makeup Show NYC. The Makeup Show is an annual professional beauty trade show. It is one of the few “pro only” beauty shows. The show takes place May 15-16. I am sup...
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