Ageist Beauty - Part 162
  • Taking a page out of Diane Von Furstenberg’s book

    Since the most recent Lucky FABB conference in September, I have been mildly obsessed with all things Diane von Furstenberg. I’ve always thought of her as an “Ageist Beauty icon”, but she was e...
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  • Beauty Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

    Some of Ageist Beauty’s favorite brands are donating part of their proceeds to breast cancer charities during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is multi-tasking that we can fully embrace ...
    Oct 10, 2011 No Comments

  • Product Review: ANSR: Sole

    There was an old saying that said “A ______ in every home”. I can’t remember what the blank was (a dog, a computer, etc..), but it doesn’t matter because I am updating the phrase to “An ANSR...
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  • Giveaway: Hair Rules Blow Out Your Waves

    Time for another giveaway! When we reach 400 followers, we will give away another 6 oz. Hair Rules Blow Out Your Waves, one of Ageist Beauty’s favorite hair styling products. The product is simply a...
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  • Quick Pick: Jouer Lip Essential Lip Enhancer

    I received a tube of Jouer’s Lip Essential Lip Enhancer in a recent Birchbox package. It has quickly become my staple lip foundation. Essential Lip Enhancer has botanical ingredients, Vitamin E, Sh...
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