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  • Celebrate France Every Day with These French Beauty Picks

    It’s Bastille Day! Also, known as la Fête Nationale, it celebrates a turning point in the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille. In honor of this important French national holiday, I ...
    Jul 14, 2017 No Comments

  • 6 Best Products to Help Get Ready for Sandal Season

    Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer and the day of the year when we get the most sunlight. However, for me it also signals sandal season! Yes, I have been wearing sandals o...
    Jun 22, 2017 No Comments

  • Stay Dry… Stylishly

    At some point in our lives, many of us will experience some, um..leakage (AKA urinary incontinence). Whether it be due to childbirth, menopause or something in-between.. it happens. No longer do we ne...
    May 25, 2017 No Comments

  • Giveaway: Baby Foot Exfoliant Treatment

    It’s giveaway time! Four lucky Ageist Beauty readers will win a Baby Foot pink box in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness (retail value: $25). There are many other foot exfoliants out there, and I have...
    Oct 08, 2016 No Comments

  • De-Wrinkle Your Décolleté While You Sleep

    I have a fascination with multi-tasking that borders on unhealthy. I have been known to be cooking my lunch, while on a conference call, at the same time as I remove my fingernail polish and get in s...
    Oct 04, 2016 No Comments