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About Ageist Beauty

Ageist Beauty is the beauty musings, product reviews, and random thoughts of a woman (with a somewhat irrational fear of the impact of aging on her visage) being dragged kicking and screaming further into the 35-50 age demographic. Follow my journey as I strive to stay youthful, beautiful and somewhat on-trend while trying to age at least semi-gracefully.

This blog is dedicated to all of those women who, like me, continue to “fight the good fight” against aging and those of us who are confident in our self-worth as women, but are still striving to look as good as we feel!


  • Lucky Magazine Style Collective
  • Vogue Influencer
  • PopSugar Select Blogger
  • Collective Bias Social Fabric Blogger


  • 2012 Allure Magazine Beauty Blogger Awards Alternate Finalist


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