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Sculptra Aesthetic Results after 2 Months

Last week, I went back to board-certified, Manhattan-based dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo so she could check the results I had from my initial Sculptra Aesthetic injections (2 months ago) and assess whether I needed additional treatment.

All of the photos on the left below were taken on June 14, 2018 before I had any Sculptra Aesthetic injections. The photos on the right are the results 2 months post-treatment with Sculptra Aesthetic.

I’m very conscious of making sure that I don’t look like I’ve had “too much work done.” I’m all about small, almost imperceptible, changes that make me look more youthful, versus dramatic changes to my appearance. I was already very happy with the results I had, so I wasn’t even sure that I needed any other injections before the appointment.

During my visit, Dr. Peredo once again had her nurse take multiple photos of my face at all angles. After examining them, as well as my face, she recommended some additional injections in my chin, as well as the area in front of my ears. I agreed to the recommended additional injections since I liked Dr. Peredo’s holistic approach to assessing my face when making her treatment recommendations. Plus, I was so happy with the results I have seen so far. Once we discussed the results she was ultimately trying to achieve with the additional Sculptra Aesthetic injections – I was all in.

I have a final appointment in a month to see if any additional injections are needed. The results I’ve seen to date are expected to last for 2+ years. What do you think, can you tell the difference? I’m thrilled with the results I’ve seen so far. My face looks “softer”, more feminine and youthful, but there are no obvious signs of any “work” being done.

Sculptra Aesthetic is approved for use on shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds, including the nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines), marionette lines (vertical lines going from corners of mouth to chin), the vertical wrinkles in front of the ears, vertical wrinkles on the lower cheek and chin wrinkles. Would you consider getting Sculptra Aesthetic injections to restore volume (lost due to collagen loss) to your face and make you look more youthful?


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