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I’ve Found the Fountain of Youth for Hair

I’ve tried many products and treatments over the years in an attempt to keep myself looking looking and feeling youthful. I’ve always felt like these efforts have yielded some success, with one exception – my thinning hairline. Due to a combination of years of chemical relaxers (which I thankfully stopped about 8 years ago), styling-induced hair stress and genetics, my hairline has been progressively thinning over the last 20 years. Interestingly, it reached a peak when I was pregnant with my daughter 13 years ago. Despite my pregnancy hormone-created long, lush locks, I had a huge bald spot on the left front of my hairline.

hair loss

2005 with my newborn daughter and very noticeable bald spot along my hairline.

Due to my thinning hairline, I’ve thought and re-thought before pulling my hair up and adjusted it just so, to ensure that the gaps in my hairline were not exposed. In the past, I’ve taken biotin, the vitamin said to help boost hair and nail growth, as well as other hair supplements. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you may even recall that I had my hairline microbladed as a way to temporarily improve its appearance. I’ve also strongly considered getting PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections to encourage hair growth.

2012 some regrowth, but still a noticeable gap. Just as much hair in my false lashes as my hairline :(.

The 2016 summer heat in Florence made me pull my hair back – something I normally wouldn’t have done.

I have been taking Nutrafol supplements since October 2017 and have seen regrowth along my hairline that I never thought was possible. After having little to no growth along my hairline for 10+ years, to now having nearly full re-growth is incredible.

Results after using Nutrafol for 2 months

My hairline is no longer a source of insecurity after using Nutrafol for 10 months.

Having hair regrowth in an area that I had thought had permanent hair loss has changed the way I feel when I look in the mirror. I spend less time styling my hair since I no longer need to spend extra minutes covering up my thinning hairline – that made me feel self-conscious and insecure. In addition to my hairline growth, I have noticed that I have had few to no occurrences of the stress-related Alopecia that used to occur on a regular basis. Plus, my hair is noticeably stronger and healthier. I plan on partaking from this hair fountain of youth for years to come!



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