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5 Indie Beauty Brands You Need to Try Now

Yesterday, I attended my first Indie Beauty Expo, the annual event held in New York City that showcases independent beauty brands and the entrepreneurs behind them.  With over 240 beauty brands, ranging from those that are already mainstays in your beauty bag to European brands just launching in the US to very small brands on their first batch of product, there was a lot to see. Below are some of the indie brands that I was just introduced to at the event and that I’m pretty sure will be favorites in the near future.

Alder New York

Alder New York – Everything about this brand spoke to me from the moment I saw it in a sea of brands at the Indie Beauty Expo. The beautiful modern packaging, combined with the fact that their products are clean, ethically made and cruelty-free, as well as the passion co-founder, David Krause had when talking to me about the brand – have me beyond excited to check out their products. First up, their travel-friendly face masks!

aroms natur

Arôms-Natur – This brand has been in Spain for 30+ years and launched its US presence at the Indie Beauty Expo. The brand seeks to encourage women to make personal care a ritual. The launch includes three oils: Nourish Your V, Love Your Breasts and Tone Your Curves. I love the idea of celebrating ones body regularly and with selfish intention. The products are 100% natural and meet the high European standards for beauty products.


ikoo Infusions – Like most busy moms, I am always on-the-go and find that products that allow me to multi-task are some of my favorites. ikoo Infusions was launched in Germany and is now bringing their products, including these convenient Thermal Treatment Wraps to the US. You can wear the treatment-infused head wrap to treat your hair while checking emails, vacuuming, doing your nails or whatever else you would prefer to be doing, rather than waiting in the shower for your hair treatment to be finished.


OLIKA – As someone who is slightly (ok, very) obsessed with using hand wipes and sanitizer, OLIKA is a godsend. The adorable Birdie and Minnie hand sanitizers make having germ-free hands infinitely more stylish and fun. Birdie has 350+ sprays of hand sanitizer (which, by the way, has a lovely sweet minty scent versus the standard medicinal scent that many hand sanitizers have), as well as 10 mini dry wipes in its base. While Minnie has 500+ sprays in the cutest compact shape – far more that a standard gel hand sanitizer.

type: A, deodorant

type: A Deodorant – I’m always on the lookout for good natural deodorants that smell good and most importantly are highly-effective. type: A is a creamy deodorant in a convenient squeeze tube. It glides on easily with no gritty baking soda feel and no need to hold it against your armpit to warm the product before application. It is also sweat-activated, so it protects you even more as the day wears on versus other deodorants that provide peak odor protection at the beginning of the day before it’s likely needed.


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