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Your New Favorite Nail Polish

Gel polish, in particular CND SHELLAC, is one of my favorite ways to keep my nails looking neat and finished with minimal effort and no upkeep. One trip to the salon and I know my nails are going to look great for close to 3 weeks. Like most people, I love the long-lasting shine and durability of gel polish, but I don’t love the arduous removal process and potential for dry and peeling nails. Now CND, always an industry innovator, has gone above and beyond by creating CND SHELLAC LUXE, a new 2-step gel polish system that can be removed quickly and easily.

The SHELLAC LUXE system has an all in one base & color coat and high gloss top coat, like the traditional SHELLAC system. But, the LUXE system’s innovative formula, with micro pores in it, allows nail polish remover to penetrate it quickly allowing the LUXE polish to be removed within 60 seconds. No more soaking your fingers in bowls of polish remover – for what feels like an hour. Even better, no damage to your nails. All with the same 2+weeks of high-gloss shine.

SHELLAC LUXE will be available in 65 shades, 50 of which will match current popular standard SHELLAC shade. There will also be 15 new shades that are exclusive to SHELLAC LUXE.

The CND SHELLAC LUXE service will be available at salons nationwide starting in July.



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