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Quick Pick: Arbonne RE9 Prepwork Cleansing Polish

Cleansing your skin and exfoliating to remove old, dead skin cells is key to revealing clear, healthy and glowing skin. But, finding the right cleanser can sometimes be a challenge. More often than not a lot of them leave my skin feeling dry and stripped. Sometimes, I find that cleansers don’t adequately clean my pores leaving me to spend several minutes doing manual extractions.

My current favorite, Arbonne RE9 Prepwork Cleansing Polish ($32) (part of their new Prepwork line), gently cleanses removing makeup, dirt and excess oil without over-drying my skin.

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It’s formulated with natural exfoliants crushed lingonberries and milled apricot seeds to gently, but thoroughly, remove dull surface skin cells without causing irritation – even when used twice a day. Sunflower seed oil and Raspberry Ceramide hydrate and fruit extracts deliver antioxidants that protect skin from environmental irritants. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and my skin is smoother, softer and I’ve even seen a blemish I have on my forehead become less visible.



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