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Women In Beauty: Brianne West, Ethique

This week’s Women in Beauty spotlight is on Brianne West, founder and CEO of Ethique, the world’s first zero waste beauty brand. The brand’s products and packaging are made with compostable and sustainable ingredients. Since its inception, Ethique has prevented more than 150,000 plastic containers from landing in the world’s landfills. While studying for her Bachelor of Science degree in her native New Zealand, Brianne learned how to create solid shampoos – going on to create more than 30 other solid beauty bars including serums, a self-tanning bar, household cleaners and even a pet shampoo. A successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 enabled Ethique to open its own manufacturing facility including a customized lab where Brianne continues to create new products, fueled by her passion for science and the environment. Not just good for the environment, the products are effective. Cruelty-free and super-concentrated (due to no extra water added), the products are made with essential oils, coconut oil and other natural ingredients.

Focused on purpose over profit, the brand donates 2% of revenue (or 20% of profit, whichever is highest) to charity.

The brand recently partnered with Amazon for its U.S. launch. New products and expansion planned for later this year.


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