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A Little Confidence Can Work Wonders

Do you feel less confident when your gray hairs are peeking through? Do gray hairs make you feel less desirable? Clairol partnered with 100 women of varying ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to get their thoughts on self-confidence. The goal was to show how small changes (like coloring your hair) can have an exponential impact on how women feel about themselves.

Initially, some of the women lamented that they “haven’t felt confident in years” or “as I get older I feel unwanted.” After the simple act of coloring their hair, 85% of women felt more confident, 97% looked at themselves in the mirror more frequently and 81% said they felt beautiful.

As I’m sitting here counting down to when I wash away my own grays (in 12 days, 16 hours and 11 minutes to be precise), I see that Clairol has a point. When I cover my grays or get highlights I feel more “pulled together” and this definitely impacts how I feel about myself and likely how I act. While coloring my hair is not going to make me look like I’m 25 again, it most certainly helps me feel like the best version of myself.

This marks the beginning of Clairol’s Color of Confidence movement. It definitely makes me think about what small changes I can make that will increase my confidence. I would love to hear what small things make you feel confident. Please share in the comments!



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