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Cut the cord between you and your blow dryer

There has been a lot of innovation in blow dryers over the years. They can dry your hair faster than ever and with less damage. But one thing has remained – the dreaded cord. It has prevented us from getting access to the mirror with the good lighting, it practically strangled us as we tried to access the back of our hair and is just downright inconvenient.

VOLO Beauty may have the answer to our prayers with the launch of the world’s first infrared, cordless blow dryer. Sure, there have been some cordless dryers in the past. But, this is the first with infrared heat technology which dries your hair from the inside out, drying hair more quickly, but with less damage, and controlling frizz leaving hair smooth and shiny. Infrared light therapy is also said to improve blood flow to tissue leading to a healthy scalp and ultimately healthier hair.

On the downside, the dryer’s battery only lasts for 14 minutes.  According to the brand, it takes the average woman 7.5 minutes to dry her hair (insert side-eye). Clearly, they weren’t thinking of anyone with thicker or long hair when conducting their research. However, additional battery packs are available for purchase – so, in theory, you can just change out the dryer’s battery, mid blow dry.

The VOLO Go will be available for pre-sale in the Spring. The cost is TBA, but is said to be in the range of other high-end dryers (like the Dyson hair dryer which retails for $399). Is the promise of a cordless dryer with infrared technology enough to get you to invest in a new dryer?


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