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Ageist Beauty Out & About: Always Discreet Boutique Launch Event

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event about a topic that is experienced by many women, but talked about by few – adult incontinence (AI). Even as a woman “of a certain age”, I thought that AI was an issue primarily of concern for elderly women. However, 1 out of 3 women over the age of 18 will experience AI1 – whether it be due to childbirth, a medical condition, menopause or another reason.  Even more surprising, 2 out 3 women say they avoid wearing bladder leak underwear, even when they know they need them2.”

Rather than wear bladder leak underwear that is bulky and makes them feel less feminine, women are opting to skip exercise, as well as miss out on some of the activities that make life fun and special, like going out with friends and enjoying date nights. Over 50% of women who have tried bladder leak underwear have stopped attending social events due to their bladder leaks2. I find this statistic to be alarming. It is widely known that as you grow older, spending time friends and loved ones and keeping active are crucial for living a long, healthy life. I also recently learned that 88% of women say they would be more likely to wear bladder leak underwear if it looked and felt like real underwear2. A new product by P&G, Always Discreet Boutique, aims to remove the stigma of having AI and offers a solution that is feminine, completely comfortable, highly effective – and makes women feel feminine, confident and sexy.

During the event, we were treated to all the tools needed to have a special date night. The first stop was the makeup chair. This beauty-lover was more than happy to have a glam squad to handle makeup and hair duties for the evening.  While we were getting our makeup done we watched a very moving short video of real women who talked about how having AI made them feel and more to the point how their current bladder leak underwear options made them feel less attractive. Without exception, they all wanted a bladder leak garment that was soft, beautiful and fit their body well, but also offered reliable protection. They didn’t want to have to choose between feeling confident and beautiful or feeling protected in the event of a bladder leak.

Next, we moved onto hair styling. While my hair was being styled, I had a chance to hear from one of the scientists that worked on Always Discreet Boutique. She explained how they leveraged the technology from their baby diaper brands to create the absorbent core. It was amazing to see how the super thin core absorbed a significant amount of warm water and quickly turned the liquid to gel which makes the underwear less bulky when wet and locks the fluid within the core (and away from your body). Amazingly, the core fabric still felt completely dry to the touch. Only the warmth from the water was discernible to the touch. She also demonstrated how a competing underwear-like bladder leak garment looked pretty, but could not absorb even a fraction of the warm water that was poured into it.

Lastly, we had opportunity select some accessories to go with our date night looks. There was a selection of handbags and bras including a pretty, lacy bralette which matched the Always Discreet Boutique underwear perfectly. Who would have thought that there is bladder protection underwear that you can actually match with your bra?  71% of women state that they would put their bladder leak garments in their underwear drawer if it was pretty2.

While there may be some other bladder leak underwear that looks like a traditional pair of underwear, Always Discreet Boutique is revolutionary in its ability to combine unparalleled function (absorbs even the heaviest leaks and eliminates odor) in a gorgeous form (soft, thoughtfully designed with a feminine, lacy print).

It also hugs a woman’s curves, leaving no room for telltale bunching. They truly are discreet! With Always Discreet Boutique women can feel confident and boldly embrace all that life has to offer without feeling that they are sacrificing their femininity in exchange for maximum protection.

1Fem Care AI analysis – “Nielsen Homescan Panel ending March 2012 looking at Fem Care purchases in HH 50+ that have no teenagers at home.”

2The Always Discreet Boutique Online Study was conducted by MSLGROUP Research



Disclaimer:  I was compensated by P&G for this sponsored blog post.  However, all opinions represented are my own.


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