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Ask the Expert: truSculpt 3D Body Contouring Treatments

I recently chatted with board certified dermatologist, Dr. Amy Taub, to get her insight on truSculpt 3D, a non-invasive body contouring/sculpting treatment that not only kills stubborn fat, but also helps tighten the skin the in the area being treated.

Is there an ideal candidate for truSculpt 3D?

Yes, patients with compromised skin quality, post pregnancy and or weight loss with localized contour irregularities. Healthy patients with stubborn area of fat on the abdomen and flanks.

Does skin elasticity/firmness have an impact on whether a patient is a good candidate for the treatment?

Yes, in a positive sense. We treat patients who may be too loose or too firm for CoolSculpting exclusively with truSculpt. Additional the heat induced inflammatory response should help improve patients with compromised skin quality.

Is there any risk of hyper- or hypo-pigmentation for patients with skin of color?

No, there is not.

Are any immediate results visible?

No, patients will start to notice results at 6 weeks, with maximum results seen between 12-16 weeks.

Can you describe the sensation that is felt during the treatment? Does the temperature ever become uncomfortable?

It feels like a hot stone massage.

Are there situations where more than one treatment may be needed? If so, how much time should there be between treatments?

Most of the time, patients will prefer to treat a 2nd or 3rd area, versus treating the same area twice. In this case, they should wait 6 weeks from the first.  Patients seeking even further reduction of an area previously treated can definitely have a 2nd or even 3rd treatment in the same area. However, it should be noted that as the fat layer is reduced, each consecutive treatment will produce less visible results as the % reduction is the same per treatment but the fat layer thickness gets smaller which each session. In this case, they should wait 12 weeks from the first treatment.

Is there any post-treatment swelling or bruising?

Post treatment, redness is common, accompanied by slight swelling which resolves in 1-2 hours and treatment area tenderness which resolves in about 1 hour. We have not seen any bruising from our truSculpt 3D treatments.

Are there any restrictions to activities recommended after the treatment?

No sauna, or working out for the rest of the day (or anything that will overheat the already heated area).

How do the results from truSculpt 3D differ from those achieved with other body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting or SculpSure?

We only have experience with CoolSculpting. Our study showed comparable reductions in fat thickness (mean 24%). In addition, we have seen improvements in compromised skin quality, in patients with loss of skin elasticity. We do not treat these patients with CoolSculpting, so this is a unique benefit from truSculpt 3D over CoolSculpting.

If a patient has had other body sculpting/contouring treatments, are they still a good candidate for truSculpt 3D (in the same area that was treated previously)?

Yes, we have treated patients with truSculpt 3D that have previously had a CoolSculpting treatment in the same area.

What is the average cost for the treatment?

We charge $750 USD per treatment area (120-140cm2).  However, we always do 4 sections ($750 each) per 1 hour treatment session. This means a typical truSculpt 3D treatment treats each flank and abdomen for $3000, which is discounted to $2700.


Dr. Amy Forman Taub is a board certified dermatologist who founded Advanced Dermatology and skinfo® Specialty Skincare Boutique. Dr. Taub is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at Northwestern University Medical School. Prior to opening Advanced Dermatology, Dr. Taub was the Medical Director for the Division of Dermatology of Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group. As a consultant to leading laser and drug companies, Dr. Taub also educates and trains physicians from all over the country to provide cosmetic and laser procedures. 


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