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6 Best Products to Help Get Ready for Sandal Season

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer and the day of the year when we get the most sunlight. However, for me it also signals sandal season! Yes, I have been wearing sandals occasionally for the past few weeks, but today feels like permission to wear them whenever regardless of the actual weather. Before throwing on those new Gucci Slides, Mango metallic sandals or those cute pompom sandals you saw last week, make sure your feet are ready to be on display.

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1) Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel ($25) – Baby Foot is the OG of foot peel. I’ve tried other, but nothing has compared. Rinse your feet first (important step), put on the booties, relax for an hour or two, rinse, lotion and wait five days for feet that will peel like a snake an ultimately feel like those of a newborn.

2) CND VINYLUX ($10.50) – Once feet are soft and smooth, some adornment is in order. Some may argue that any nail polish will do. I disagree. VINYLUX (a 7 -day polish), not only doesn’t chip for 7+ plus days, it remains shiny and looks fresh. In fact, when used on my toes, it has maintained its freshness for 3+ weeks.

3) Dove White Beauty Bar ($3/2) – Smooth feet starts with hydration. Dove White Beauty Bar’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream combined with its DEFI technology (which helps preserve skin moisture) helps hydrate for soft, smooth skin.

4) Le Couvent de Minimes Foot Polishing Cream ($20) – This magic cream combines physical exfoliants like poppy seed, pumice stone and walnut shell powder combine to effectively slough off dead skin cells and minor calluses. Wintergreen, shea butter and grapeseed oil are added to help to soften, repair and nourish dry skin.

5) Le Petit Marseillais Moisturizing Body Balm ($12.50) – This rich creamy balm combines shea butter, aloe and beeswax in a ultra hydrating balm that can save the driest of skin.

6) Tweezerman Sole Smoother ($20) – Say goodbye to rough spots, callouses, dry heels and other unsightly foot faux pas with this antibacterial callous stone infused with silver for protection from bacteria and germs. Use wet or dry for super smooth feet.



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