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Pro Treatment Trial: Refyne Injectable Filler

As I’ve mentioned on many occasions, I’m all about having small tweaks done to my face now to preserve my youthful appearance to prevent (or at least delay) the need for a major overhaul later in life. Under the category of small tweaks, I include Botox, injectable fillers (used in very natural way) and laser treatments.

Last week, I went to Dr. Michelle Henry, a board-certified dermatologist based in Manhattan, to have injections of Refyne, an injectable filler by the maker of the well-known filler, Restylane. You my recall that I interviewed Dr. Henry a few months ago about Refyne (and Defyne) treatments. After consulting with me on what areas I wanted to address, Dr. Henry suggested that I have the injections done in the “tear drop” area, below my undereye area between the eye and bridge of my nose. She advised that this would improve the appearance of dark circles and hollows under my eyes.

injectables, Dr. Michelle Henry

Before the injections, a nurse applied numbing cream to my face to help make the injections more comfortable. The cream stayed on for 30 minutes until I was fully numb. After the nurse wiped off the cream, Dr. Henry started the injections. Thanks to the numbing cream, I didn’t feel anything. Several injections were done below my right eye, which Dr. Henry aptly recognized was the side on which I sleep at night. Due to gravity, contact with my pillow, etc. my right lower eye area required more “work”. She then did a few injections under my left eye. I was then given some ice packs to apply to the areas treated to help minimize swelling. There was an immediate difference in the appearance of my eyes following the injections (as seen in the photos above taken by Dr. Henry’s nurse).

injectables, Dr. Michelle Henry

The next day there was a small amount of swelling and I had a small bruise under my right eye (which had received several more injections than the left). The minor swelling and the bruise lasted for 2-3 days. However, the bruise was easily covered by the lower rim of my glasses. Even my normally eagle-eyed husband didn’t notice it. It has now been about 10 days post-treatment and I could not be more happy with the results. I look natural, well-rested and I’d even venture to say, 5 years younger! I wouldn’t hesitate to have the treatment done again in the future.



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