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Pro Treatment Trial: PICO Genesis Laser 3rd Treatment Results

I recently had my third PICO Genesis laser treatment at Connecticut Skin Institute. This treatment was definitely the turning point in the series. Before starting the treatment, Dr. Ibrahimi inquired about my post-treatment experience from the last PICO Genesis treatment he had done. I noted that I had seen a difference in my results since the treatment power was increased during treatment two.

My skin just before my third PICO Genesis treatment.

As before, the treatment was pain-free and simply felt like being snapped with a rubber band. Although, when Dr. Ibrahimi treated my chin it was slightly more uncomfortable. This is most likely due to the fact that I recently had a bout of seborrheic dermatitis in that area. Afterwards, for approximately 15 minutes,  it felt like I had a mild sunburn.

Immediately after the treatment, there was some mild redness. It is most prominent on my chin where my skin is more sensitive.

It has been a week since my treatment and my skin is better than it has been in years. It is smooth, even toned and clear. Also, the pores on my nose (the bane of my existence) are pretty much invisible.  PICO Genesis has delivered results that I didn’t think were possible with a laser given my darker skintone.

PICO Genesis, laser

Pardon the slightly weird angle of the shot. I guess I was super proud of how clear my skin looks?

One key learning from the three treatments is that it is important to be proactive in maintaining your results in between (I use Murad Environmental Shield Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum) and use lots of sunscreen!



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