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New Beauty: DerMend Mature Skin Solutions

Just as you use different products to care for the skin on your body as you go through the stages of being a newborn, toddler and a child, it makes sense to do the same as you progress through the stages of adulthood. Your skin as a teen or young adult certainly has different needs than your skin at middle age and later. DerMend has recently launched a trio of dermatologist-recommended products that will help mature skin to thrive.

DerMend Mature Skin Solutions set of products includes DerMend Fragile Skin Moisturizing Formula, Moisturizing Anti-Itch Lotion and Moisturizing Bruise Formula. Each formula was created to meet the needs of mature skin. The Fragile Skin Moisturizing Formula ($29.99) combines hyaluronic acid (helps skin retain moisture), retinol (smooths fine lines and wrinkles), glycolic acid (rejuvenates), niacinamide (restores skin – minimizes appearance of pores and fine lines) and ceramides in a lightweight formula to repair and restore mature skin. The Moisturizing Anti-Itch Lotion ($19.99) is made with pramoxine hydrochloride 1%, a steroid-free ingredient that calms itchy skin, as well as hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil.  As skin ages and becomes more fragile, it bruises more easily. DerMend Moisturizing Bruise Formula is made with a formula of ceramides, arnica oil (reduces pain, inflammation and bruising), alpha hydroxy (removes dead skin cells) and retinol (exfoliates and renews) to help improve the appearance of bruised skin.

DerMend Mature Skin Solutions is available at CVS, Walgreens and other national retailers.



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