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Dermablend Launches #BeautifulBeautiful Project

Cosmetics pioneer Dermablend, known for their full coverage foundations which can cover-up any “imperfection” (think tattoos, vitiligo, freckles, burns) has launched a new campaign called the #BeautifulBeautiful project. The powerful campaign seeks to turn the tables on the traditional “Before” and “After” photos in which the latter version (complete with makeup) is seen as superior.

Traditional beauty standards promote the message that your pre-makeup self is less beautiful than the version shown in the “After” photo. You are powerful and beautiful either way. Even when making a conscious decision to wear makeup, feel confident doing so without fear of judgement. The striking images from the project show women with half of their face in its natural state and the other half with makeup.


Dermablend’s #BeautifulBeautiful Project

As part of the campaign launch, Dermablend is having a contest in which anyone can share a photo with both sides: one side bare-faced and one side with makeup to celebrate being beautiful either way. To enter, use the hashtags #dermablendpro and #beautifulbeautiful and tag a friend. Participants will be entered to win an urban retreat for two in New York City in 2017.



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