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Pro Treatment Trial: PICO Genesis Laser 2nd Treatment

Last week, I had my second  PICO Genesis laser treatment at Connecticut Skin Institute. As mentioned in a prior post, I did some improvements following my first treatment. A few spots were lighter and the overall texture of my skin was more smooth.

When Dr. Ibrahimi arrived in the treatment room, he asked me several questions about my post-treatment experience from treatment #1. How long was I red? 30 minutes Did I experience any flaking or irritation? No. I inquired whether he could increase the strength of the treatment given that I had a prior treatment without any issues. He reminded me that he needed to be more cautious when treating darker skin tones and that I would require at least 1 – 2 more treatments. Those with fairer skin can be treated more aggressively with the PICO Genesis. Although, there may also be some downtime associated with this type of treatment.

PICO Genesis, laser treatment

My skin just prior to my 2nd PICO Genesis treatment.

The process for the second treatment was the same as before. Dr. Ibrahimi put the protective eye goggles on me and then started the PICO Genesis machine. This time, the treatment felt slightly more uncomfortable. Definitely, not painful, but definitely more uncomfortable. Not sure if it was wishful thinking, the fact that my skin was more sensitive since this was the second treatment or Dr. Ibrahimi amped up the treatment strength a bit – based on my request. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most painful), I would say it was a 5. Once again, I have a very low pain threshold.

Immediately after treatment, my skin is a bit red and swollen. This lasted for less than 30 mins.

The treatment took no longer than 10 minutes +/-. Afterwards, my skin felt like I would imagine a moderate sunburn would feel. The sensation lasted for no more than 15 minutes. Just as before, my face felt like there was some mild swelling in some areas. That too quickly dissipated.

PICO Genesis, laser treatment

6 days after PICO Genesis treatment #2. I’m starting to see a big difference in my skin.

It has now been 6 days since my treatment and my skin looks incredible. I have a few hyperpigmentation spots that are the result of a post-travel skin tantrum a couple of weeks after my first PICO Genesis treatment. Aside from those, my skin is approaching flawlessness –  incredibly clear and smooth. I can really see a huge difference between the results after my first treatment and the second.

Looking forward to my third treatment in a month!



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