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Pro Treatment Trial: PICO Genesis Laser Treatment

A few days ago, I visited Connecticut Skin Institute for a PICO Genesis laser treatment. PICO Genesis is one of  most innovative new treatments available for eliminating hyperpigmentation and age spots in as little as a single 20-minute treatment.

PICO Genesis, laser

“Before” the PICO Genesis laser treatment. Pardon the “mug shot” (looking a bit Nick Nolte-ish), but at least my brows look good!

After examining my skin, Dr. Omar Ibrahimi, the founding and medical director of the Connecticut Skin Institute, explained that since I had darker skin he would need to treat me over 2-3 sessions. For lighter skin tones, PICO Genesis can be done at a higher strength which enables him to treat the patient in a single session, in many cases. However, in cases like mine, he advised that we need to “respect the melanin” and proceed more cautiously.

PICO Genesis, laser

Glamour shot of Dr. Ibrahimi, PICO Genesis and myself.

Dr. Ibrahimi then described the areas of my skin on which he would focus and how the laser would feel (“like electric rain”). Before beginning the treatment, Dr. Ibrahimi put a pair of goggles over my eyes to protect them. He started by my right ear and slowly proceeded counter-clockwise around my face. The entire treatment took 15 minutes or less. There was no pain or real discomfort. It truly did feel like someone was sprinkling mild electric charges or perhaps the sparks from a 4th of July sprinkler on my face.

PICO Genesis, laser

Immediately after the treatment, you can barely see any redness.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the discomfort as a level 3 (and I have a very low tolerance for pain). However, when he treated my chin and nose, areas which I tend to scrub/exfoliate a bit more, the discomfort was a bit more noticeable. During the treatment, there was a slight smell of burning which those of you that have had laser treatment, this is nothing to be alarmed about. After Dr. Ibrahimi finished, my face felt as if I had been out in sun for a few hours (without my requisite sunscreen). There was a touch of redness and my face looked a bit swollen in some areas. By the time I arrived home, there was no sign of any redness.

Results 3 days post-PICO Genesis.

It has now been 3 days since my treatment, there is no flaking, peeling, redness or irritation. I have already seen some slight improvements in my skin. I had a few blemishes that now appear to be less visible and are definitely more “flat” than prior to the PICO Genesis treatment. Given the treatment’s ability to penetrate deeply into skin for revitalization, I anticipate seeing my results progress over time.

Before leaving Dr. Ibrahimi’s office, I scheduled my second session for a few weeks from now. Looking forward to sharing my results across the sessions!


For more information on PICO Genesis, see my interview with Dr. Ibrahimi.


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