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Pro Treatment: SculpSure Body Contouring

Close to a year ago, I wrote a post about SculpSure, the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for the non-invasive removal of fat deposits in the abdomen and flanks (love handle area). I’m still on a journey to find a way eliminate the extra fat and loose skin in my abdomen that are resistant to exercise. Yesterday, I visited the office of Dr. Michelle Henry and had the opportunity to try it for myself.

In preparation for the treatment, a belt was placed behind me on the treatment table. Dr. Henry then chose the “guides” that best fit the area to be treated and secured them to my abdomen using the belt. In the photo below, you can see the top single “fat-isolating” guide and then  that was then a tri-sectioned guide on my lower abdomen. These guides serve to secure the hands-free SculpSure applicator, target the treatment and also isolate any areas that are not to be treated, such as my belly button.

SculpSure, body contour

A fat-isolating “belt” was attached to me. The guides allow the doctor to secure the hands-free applicator into the exact area where fat loss is needed.

Dr. Henry applied a solution to the open areas of the guide, to protect the skin where the applicators would be touching it. The applicators were then simply snapped onto the guides. The belts were re-secured and the SculpSure treatment was ready to begin.

Dr. Henry putting the SculpSure applicators onto fat-isolating belt that was already on me.

SculpSure, body contouring

The belt with the applicators attached.

During SculpSure, the temperature of the fat in the area being treated is increased 42 – 47 degrees Celsius. The surface of the skin is not impacted. The total length of the treatment is 25 minutes. During this time, the SculpSure machine cycles between cool and warm/hot every 30 seconds. The initial sensation was pleasantly cool, followed by a slightly warm feeling. As the treatment progressed, the warm cycle was increasingly hot, but never unbearable or painful. Just as the heat would become a bit too uncomfortable, the cooling cycle would kick in. Dr. Henry also had the option of giving me a burst of cooling at any point, if I felt too uncomfortable. I never needed it and in fact, was able to have the maximum treatment level. Interestingly, as the treatment became more hot, the sensation was not of a burn, but more of a deep cramping feeling.

SculpSure, body contour

Still talking animatedly with my hands. This was even after the treatment strength had been increased.

A single treatment can reduce fat by up to 24%. Over the next several weeks, my body will dispose of the dead fat cells via its normal lymphatic drainage process. I should see some results in 6 weeks or so and optimal results in approximately 3 months.

Feeling comfortable enough to take a selfie!

After the treatment, I had no discomfort or swelling. There was no downtime. I was able to continue with the rest of my planned activities. Stay tuned for results in the coming weeks. Looking forward to having a flatter abdomen, just in time for warmer weather!


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