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My HairStory: Hairline Microblading Treatment Results

Six weeks ago, I returned to EverTrue salon in Manhattan for my “perfecting session”. The perfecting session takes place approximately a month after the initial “Hairline Rescue” treatment. During the session, master therapist and training director, Michelle Wu followed the same process as before of applying numbing cream and then methodically making small strokes to apply the custom-mixed ink and mimic the appearance of individual hairs.

Results 5 weeks after “perfecting session” and nearly 3 months after the initial Hairline Rescue treatment.

The perfecting session took roughly around the same amount of time as the initial treatment (two hours). While it didn’t hurt, it was definitely a bit more uncomfortable than the initial session. It may have been the fact that the numbing cream was not on quite as long this time or perhaps since my hairline was no longer “virgin territory”.

Evertrue salon, hairline rescue

6 weeks after the perfecting session.

The healing time after the perfecting session was easier. While I followed the same instruction of not getting my hair wet for a week and applying the healing serum. There are appeared to be less flaking of the skin as it healed than the last time. This was a welcome change that had me slightly less anxious about waiting for “wash day”.

Hairline Rescue, microblading

My thinning hairline before the Hairline Rescue treatment.

Overall, I am very happy with my final results. While the treatment is not a long-term solution for my thinning hairline. It has gone a long way in making me feel more confident about my appearance. The treatment is a great option for those with smaller areas of hair loss or those (like myself) who are still weighing their options for remedying their hair loss.


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