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Beauty Tool Love: Kerastase Hair Coach

In this digital world, we are used to the fact that more and more items in our lives are computer-like and/or connected to the Internet – your car, you home (if you have “smart” home appliances, systems, etc.), but what about your hairbrush? Yes, in 2017 there will be a smart hairbrush.

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where all the cool tech gadgets for the year (including innovation in beauty) are presented, Kerastase announced that it will be coming out with a “connected” hairbrush. The Kerastase “Hair Coach” will measure the health of your hair (based on dryness, breakage, split-ends, etc.), analyze the amount of brush strokes, the amount of pressure applied and your brushing patterns. The brush then transfers this information to the app via Bluetooth or Wifi. The data from the hairbrush is combined with environmental data including humidity, temperature, UV and wind. The app then provides you with a customized hair care solution with Kerastase product recommendations.

The Hair Coach App combines environmental data with information collected by the brush

Over time, via the app, you can track the improvement in your hair health. The Hair Coach will be available in the fall. The retail cost is not currently available, but will likely be close to $200. Would you invest in a connected hair brush to help improve the health of your hair?


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