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Beauty on Trial: 3-Speed Conture System 3-Month Results

It is not often that I closely examine the skin on my neck. So, seeing the impact that aging has had on this oft-ignored area has been eye-opening. Frankly, I never expected that there would be a solution that could so quickly and definitively reverse these obvious signs of aging. I continue to be amazed by the results I have achieved after having used the 3-Speed Conture System on my neck for the past 90 days.

My neck before using the 3-Speed Conture System

After 3 months, I no longer have any signs of the Keratosis pilaris (“chicken skin bumps”) which were previously very prevalent. The horizontal lines on my neck have less depth and the skin in that area is more even-toned and my neck feels significantly smoother. Overall, the skin on my neck looks much more youthful.

Results after 30 days of using 3-Speed Conture System

Results after 90 days

I highly recommend using the 3-Speed Conture, it exceeded my expectations and truly rejuvenated the skin on my neck.


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