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How to Get Rid of Those Brown Spots in 20 minutes

Forget using Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and over-the-counter topical creams and waiting 8 weeks for results. You can now get rid of hyperpigmentation with a painless treatment in your dermatologist’s office. With the PICO Genesis treatment’s minimal downtime and a treatment time of just 20 minutes, patiently waiting for brown spots to fade can be a thing of the past.

As someone who has struggled with hyperpigmentation off and on for decades, I am excited to try this treatment that could revolutionize the treatment of blemish-prone skin. I have tried everything from prescription creams, compounded treatments, natural products, pure Vitamin A (the dearly departed Avibon) to cure my bouts with hyperpigmentation. I had some level of success with all of these, but they all took weeks to months to yield results. Now that I am older, I now have to also deal with age spots too. Unfortunately, my current topical creams are not effective on them.

The PICO Genesis dual-wavelength laser treatment uses ultra-short laser pulses that not only destroy hyperpigmentation and age spots, but also stimulate skin renewal resulting in brighter, youthful and more even-toned skin.

Before photo and results after only one PICO Genesis treatment.

Due to the shorter and faster laser pulses that are done with PICO Genesis, there is less risk of damage to surrounding tissue making it suitable for all skin types (even Asian and darker skin tones).

Results can be seen in one treatment with optimal results typically seen in 2-3 treatments.


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