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My HairStory: Hairline Microblading Treatment

Two weeks ago, I went to EverTrue salon in Manhattan for a “Hairline Rescue” treatment with master therapist and training director, Michelle Wu. The treatment involves “microblading” of the hairline. A handheld tool is used to apply pigment under the skin, in a manner similar to that of a tattoo. “Hairs” are drawn on in such a way to mimic the appearance of natural hairs.

Hairline Rescue, microblading

My thinning hairline before the Hairline Rescue treatment.

Michelle greeted me and led me to one of the treatment tables – on which I would lay for the duration of my treatment. She started by wiping along my hairline to remove any hair product, etc. She then applied numbing cream to the right side of my hairline. The numbing cream would stay on for 20 minutes, to ensure maximum comfort during the microblading process.

Evertrue salon, microblading

Numbing cream and plastic wrap was applied prior to the Hairline Rescue treatment.

After applying the numbing cream, Michelle proceeded to custom mix the ink that would be applied to my hairline during the treatment. Before beginning the microblading process, she showed me the still packaged needles that would be used – to demonstrate that the tools used were completely hygienic. Just prior to starting, she reconfirmed with me that the “hairs” she would be adding would follow my natural hairline. She then proceeded to meticulous make small strokes using the needed to rebuild my hairline.

The process was completely painless, although I could feel the strokes more acutely when she would stroke further into my hair where there was minimal numbing cream. As she was close to finishing the right side of my hairline, she applied the numbing cream to the left side. She repeated the same process of making meticulous strokes along the left of my hairline and then proceeded to go back and fill in any areas that needed additional ink on the right side.

Hairline Rescue, after

My hairline immediately following the Hairline Rescue treatment.

In total, it took approximately 2 hours for the treatment. After she finished, Michelle advised that I should not wash my hair for a week and avoid getting my hairline wet. I was also given a small bottle of EverTrue Healing Serum to be applied twice daily to my hairline to promote proper healing. When showering, I was advised to protect my hairline with the protective cream that the salon provided.

EverTrue salon, instructions

Post-treatment instructions and the Protecting Cream. I forgot to take a photo of the Healing Serum!

During the first week of healing, when I was not supposed to wash my hair, I found it easy to conceal my healing hairline by just having my hair down and parted in the middle. However, it was a long week. I typically only wash my hair 1-2 times per week, but the combination of adding the healing serum to my hairline twice a day and the occasional itchiness as the hairline healed had me counting down to “wash day”.

Hairline Rescue

One week post-treatment after I was able to wash my hair! I can dye away the grays at two weeks post-treatment (thank goodness).

I have a follow-up appointment during the second week of December. During this “perfecting session” Michelle will repeat the same process and fill in any areas that need additional ink or where the color needs to be a bit darker. This follow-up appointment is included in the cost of the treatment. There has definitely been some lightening during the healing process (as expected). But, so far, I am thrilled with my results and can’t wait to see how my hairline looks after the perfecting session.


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