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Beauty on Trial: 3-Speed Conture System 30-Day Results

It has been just over 30 days since I started using the 3-Speed Conture System on my neck. I was looking forward to trying it since I am borderline obsessed with beauty tools and also, I have been experiencing some guilt over the lack of attention that I give my neck area – even though I know it is one of the areas that will clue people into the fact that you really are not as young as your face may look.

My neck before using the 3-Speed Conture System.

My neck before using the 3-Speed Conture System.

Surprisingly, it was very easy to incorporate the 3-Speed Conture System into my already extensive nightly beauty regimen. After cleansing, apply a pea-sized amount of the Kinetic Treatment Serum to the area to be treated (my neck in this case). The serum acts as a primer to help make it easier to move the tool along your skin. It also has powerful anti-aging ingredients – including encapsulated retinol (builds collagen and reduces the appearance of wrinkles), wrinkle-reducing peptides and goji berries (antioxidant).


After turning the 3-Speed Conture System on to the “neck” setting, I put the tool on the far right side of my neck at the bottom. Once fully flush on the neck, the 3-Speed Conture starts lifting and releasing the skin which feels a bit like a very light massage. After 3-5 “pulses”, I gently move up the neck. Being sure to overlap, I continue this motion around my neck. It typically takes, 4-5 minutes for me to fully treat my neck. The treatment is completely painless and easy. Afterwards, apply the Kinetic PM recovery creme which also includes retinol, as well as ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate to help skin retain moisture.

Results after using 3-Speed Conture System

Results after using 3-Speed Conture System

After using the 3-Speed Conture System for a month, my neck feels significantly smoother. Additionally, the horizontal lines on my neck have less depth. My neck also feels firmer, those pesky early signs of crepey-skin have disappeared. Most notably, I no longer have “chicken skin bumps” (Keratosis pilaris) on my neck.

I’m very happy with the results, to date. The 3-Speed Conture System delivers. Just a few minutes each night has made a significant difference in the way my neck looks and feels.


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