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My Hair Loss Story

Hair loss is something I never thought I would need to worry about. As a child I had mountains of hair. I remember my mom and my grandmother wrestling my voluminous curls and waves as they tried to wrangle them into two neat braids. Whenever, I have gone to a new salon, I always get the backhanded compliment of “You have so much hair!”. I still get that, to this day, even though I have a fraction of the hair I had as a child.

I frequently get compliments on my hair. People often comment on how healthy it looks, how shiny, smooth, etc.. However, the first thing I notice is my thinning hairline. I only became aware of how thin it was 4 years ago when I had the opportunity to appear in a Shiseido print ad. The makeup artist commented that she thought she should use some brow powder to fill in my hairline. Up until that point, I though my hairline looked a bit thin in one area (due to the too frequent use (and self-application) of relaxers), but otherwise normal.  After seeing my hairline filled in I became much more aware of how thin my hairline was becoming.

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Over the past year or two, I have noticed that the thinning has become more noticeable across my entire hairline. Not yet ready for some of the more aggressive treatments I have seen, such as NeoGraft (follicular transplant), I have tried several over-the-counter options, such as biotin, hair supplements and Rogaine. All have provided some level of regrowth, albeit temporary.

This week, I will be going to Evertrue Salon in Manhattan for a Hairline Rescue treatment. The treatment involves “microblading” of the hairline. A handheld tool is used to apply pigment under the skin, in a manner similar to that of a tattoo. “Hairs” are drawn on in such a way to mimic the appearance of natural hairs. The microblading treatment doesn’t implant the pigment as deeply as a tattoo, so it is not permanent. The treatment should last approximately 18 months (depending on frequency of hair washing, etc.). While this certainly is not a permanent solution, it will go a long way in making me feel more confident when wearing my hair pulled back.

I’ll be sharing the treatment and results in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!



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