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De-Wrinkle Your Décolleté While You Sleep

I have a fascination with multi-tasking that borders on unhealthy. I have been known to be cooking my lunch, while on a conference call, at the same time as I remove my fingernail polish and get in some retail therapy on My penchant for multi-tasking definitely extends to my beauty products. I love a good blush/eyeshadow/lip product or a skincare product that can act as a moisturizer, primer and SPF. But, my favorite type of multi-tasking is when things happen as I sleep.

The SiO (Skin Innovation Overnight) system does just that. It treats an oft-ignored area, the décolleté – that area between your next and chest that likely never receives any moisturizer or sunscreen unless it’s a special occasion or your planning to spend a lot of time in the sun.

SiO Beauty, decollette

Before using SiO Beauty

The SiO system is an easy 3-step treatment that has an immediate and long-term impact on any wrinkles on your décolleté.

Step 1 – Use the Décolleté Cleansing Discs, which incorporate glycolin and lactic acid, to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin, preparing it for SiO SkinPad. After using the discs, allow your décolleté to dry.

Step 2 – Apply the SiO SkinPad to your décolleté. The SkinPad is made of medical-grade silicone and uses an ultra-thin layer of adhesive (cleared by the FDA for use in medical devices) to adhere to the skin. I found the SkinPad to be very comfortable from the beginning. After the first five minutes, I forgot that I was wearing it. While sleeping, the SkinPad prevents the décolleté from the wrinkling that typically takes place when sleeping on your side.  The SkinPad can be cleaned and used for up to 15 times.

Wearing the SiO SkinPad

Wearing the SiO SkinPad

Step 3 – Remove the SkinPad in the morning and apply the SiO Décolleté Serum to hydrate and brighten the skin.

I’ve been using the SiO system for just over a month. While I don’t have significant wrinkling on my décolleté, I immediately noticed that my décolleté is softer and smoother than it has ever been. The skin also has a more even (and less blotchy) tone. Once I got the hang of applying the SiO SkinPad, the treatment was easily incorporated into my evening beauty regimen. As an aside, the SkinPad is very easy to apply, but if you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ve seen that I am prone to putting on the protective film from a sheet mask instead of the mask itself and other similar beauty blunders.

SiO Beauty

After using the SiO system for 30 nights

I consider SiO an important tool in my anti-aging toolkit. I always say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cosmetic surgery bills. Your face can be Botoxed, lasered, moisturized and contoured to within an inch of perfection, but it’s areas like your décolleté, neck and hands that will reveal your anti-aging secrets.



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