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Beauty Tool Love: DermaFlash At-Home Dermaplaning

I’ve never had a professional dermaplaning done in a dermatologists office, but I am admittedly obsessed with using my decidedly low-tech Tinkle Eyebrow Razors to remove the peach fuzz on my face and gently exfoliate the dead skin cells.

DermaFlash ($189) enables you achieve results similar to a professional dermaplaning treatment, from the comfort of your own home. The DermaFlash is a handheld tool that combines the hair removal capabilities of a razor with sonic vibration to gently and effectively remove unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells.

Prior to using DermaFlash, first cleanse and dry your face. Then insert a new “Edge” (the tool’s blade) into the DermaFlash tool. Starting on the side of the face in front of your year, hold the skin taut and using short, light strokes move the DermaFlash inward towards the nose. Repeat on the rest of the face being careful to avoid the nose, eyelids, lips and hairline. It is recommended that DermaFlash be used once a week as part of your evening skincare routine.

The result is smooth, glowing, more even-toned and youthful skin.



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