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Banish Grays Easily & Flawlessly.. in Seconds

As someone who highlights their very dark hair, gray hair is the bane of my existence. Managing the scheduling of my salon visits for highlights, trims, and single process color to hide my now aggressively growing gray hairs practically warrants its own schedule color in my Google calendar. Thanks to the new TEMPTU 24-hour Root Touch-Up & Hair Color, I can extend the time in between salon visits and spend more time doing the things I want and need to do.

Temptu Root Touch-Up Before

Gray hairs starting to take over my roots.

Now, I can easily and flawlessly cover my grays in just a few seconds. I simply remove the foundation Airpod from my TEMPTU Air and replace it with the 24-hour Root Touch-Up & Hair Color Airpod. Turn the TEMPTU Air onto the setting of my choice (slower speed for smaller, more precise areas of coverage and faster for larger areas) and slowly move the TEMPTU Air in small circular motion until the offending gray hair is covered. It literally took me seconds to cover mine. Not only does the coverage look seamless, there is no telltale residue threatening to come off on my hands or clothing. Also, my hair still feels soft, not stiff.

Temptu Root Touch-Up, hair color, gray hair

No sign of the grays after using TEMPTU 24-hour Root Touch-Up & Hair Color

The ability to cover gray hairs in an instant is time-saving. Being able to extend the time between salon visits is money-saving. Spending more time enjoying summer fun versus inside a salon is sanity-saving!




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