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Ageist Beauty Out & About: NU SKIN ageLOC Youth Launch

Last night, I was invited to the Institute for Culinary Education in Manhattan to learn about NU SKIN’s ageLOC Youth anti-aging supplements. Upon entering the room, we were invited to place our right hand on a BioPhotonic scanner that measured the levels of carotenoids in our skin. Carotenoids are the primarily red, yellow and orange fat-soluble pigments that are found in food like carrots and sweet potatoes (beta-carotene) and tomatoes and watermelon (lycopene). The foods act as antioxidants that remove potentially harmful free radicals from your body. Some carotenoids can even convert into Vitamin A, which helps with vision and also boosting your production of white blood cells. In short, carotenoids are really good for you.

Although, I consider myself relatively healthy (don’t smoke; rarely eat fried food; exercise; and eat salads and fruit regularly), my carotenoid level was a lowly 20,000 on a scale of 0 – 89,000+. This can be due to dietary habits, lack of supplements, lifestyle choices (stress, sun exposure, radiation from frequent air travel); and body composition (high BMI). One of the NU SKIN scientists kindly offered to blame my low score on the fact that I have traveled quite often lately. But, I know better than that.


During the event, we were split into three teams. Each team would prepare a part of the meal (pan-seared organic salmon, roasted vegetables with an AMAZING herbed yogurt sauce and almonds, a three grain salad and a blood orange chocolate mousse).

The menu featured carotenoid-rich foods

The menu featured carotenoid-rich foods

The NU SKIN  team worked with the culinary director at the Institute for Culinary Education, James Briscione, to develop a menu that incorporated many carotenoids. For example, the entree and sides were rich with lycopene, lutein, rosemary oil, astaxanthin and Omega 3 fatty acids. The mousse had citrus bioflavinoids, Naringin, Hesperedin and d-Limonene.

Roasted veggies

Roasted rainbow carrots, kale chips, almonds and herbed yogurt

Farro salad

Farro salad with charred red onions and heirloom tomatos

ageLOC Youth enables you to achieve levels of carotenoids that would be difficult to ingest as part of your regular diet for many reasons (location, cultural food preferences, time, etc.). For example, the delicious purple Peruvian corn that was part of the appetizers is not likely at my local grocery store. Each of the ingredients in the ageLOC Youth supplement are specifically chosen for their ability to support the body’s anti-aging defenses at a cellular level, helping to ensure youthfulness from the inside and out.

pina colada

Ingredients for the virgin Pina Coladas we made

Souffle, ICE

Chef James Briscione folding mixing the blood orange chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse

The finished mousse with pistachio crumble and mini citrus meringues

Over the next two months, I will be taking NU SKIN ageLOC Youth supplements. The uber competitive side of me is, of course, interested in seeing how high my carotenoid levels will go. More importantly, I’m interested to see if there is a difference in how I look and feel. Some users have experienced benefits such as smoother, brighter skin, improvements in bone density, increased energy, joint health and even enhanced mental acuity.

Stay tuned!


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