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Professional Treatment: MiraDry Underarm Sweat Elimination

A week ago, before I came down with the flu and felt like I had been run over (multiple times) by a garbage truck, I had a miraDry treatment. miraDry is the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment to permanently eliminate underarm sweat. In a recent post, I interviewed Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise regarding miraDry. Given my fruitless search for an effective anti-perspirant/deoderant, I decided that I wanted to undergo the treatment myself.

Once I arrived at Dr. Wise’s office, I was taken into the treatment room to sign a consent form and receive post-treatment instructions. To prepare for the treatment, my underarms were cleaned with a wipe. Next, a proprietary miraDry stencil was applied to my underarm – much like the play tattoos that kids use. There are several stencils and the licensed medical esthetician, Jennifer, chose the one that was closest to the pattern of my sweat glands. The stencil leaves markings that will guide the esthetician as she performs the miraDry treatment. After both underarms were stenciled and some numbing cream was applied, I was able to put my arms down, relax on the comfortable treatment table, enjoy a little Real Housewives of … and wait for Dr. Wise to give me the lidocaine injections that would numb the area for my treatment.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the lidocaine shots given before many cosmetic treatments is the worst part and this treatment is no different. However, Dr. Wise kindly alternated underarms after the first few shots so that the lidocaine had a chance to start to work, making the remaining shots painless. After taking some time for both underarms to become completely numb, the treatment was ready to begin.

On the second armpit of my miraDry treatment and still smiling.

On the second armpit of my miraDry treatment and still smiling.

The miraDry machine screen shows a pattern (which matched the template used under my arms) and Jennifer treated each area marked. As she applied the miraDry device to each area, I would feel a very slight suction feeling and hear tones and beeps from the miraDry machine indicating that energy was being delivered to the targeted area. There was no pain. However, at one point I did feel a touch of the extreme heat that was targeting my sweat and odor glands. I had been warned in advance, by Jennifer, that it could happen and she was able to quickly turn down the heat. The sensation was due to an area that wasn’t completely numbed and I only experienced it once.

The treatment lasted about an hour. My armpits were cleaned and I was given two ice packs to help minimize swelling. I was instructed to apply the ice packs in 20 minute intervals (20 minutes on/ 20 minutes off). I was able to resume my regularly scheduled activities, but told not to do any vigorous arm exercises for a few days.

During the first 24 hours, I had some bruising under my left arm, as well as the expected swelling. There may be some swelling for up to 3 weeks.


Left arm pit 24 hours after treatment

However, the results are immediate and permanent. I was advised that I will likely have no sweating at all for approximately 3 months and then I may start to see some sweat again, but it will be an 84% reduction from what I had experienced before the treatment.


Right armpit 24 hours after treatment

Stay tuned for my next post once the swelling has gone done and I have had a chance to really put miraDry to the test via some vigorous excerise.


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