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New Beauty: FOREO IRIS Eye Massager

If the eyes are the window to your soul, undereye puffiness and dark circles are the door closing on your once youthful facade. Undereye puffiness and dark circles not only make you look older than you really are, but make you look fatigued and less vibrant. Up until now, there have been limited remedies to combat this issue. Cool cucumber slices on your eyes? – not always convenient and a bit messy. Eye creams? – that might works, if you can find a good one. The new FOREO IRIS ($139) eye massager leverages the pulsation technology of the wildly popular LUNA facial cleansing device.

To use the FOREO IRIS, gently move it around your eye. The device can be used with your favorite eye cream/ serum or solo. The IRIS replaces the gentle tapping movement (which is good, yet highly inconsistent) that is recommended when applying eye creams. The IRIS’s Alternating T-Sonic™ Technology is gentle on the thin, fragile eye area skin yet smooths fine line and wrinkles, deflates puffiness and minimizes the appearance of dark circles.

Just like the LUNA, it is the perfect travel companion with the ability to last 140 uses on a single charge.


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