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Pro Treatment Trial: Bellafill® Injectable Filler Treatment #2

Two weeks ago, I had my second Bellafill® treatment. The treatment process was the same as the first, Dr. Wise’s nurse applied a topical numbing cream to my nasolabial folds to ensure that I would have minimal discomfort when Dr. Wise injected the local numbing agent. After 35-40 minutes, the numbing cream was removed, lidocaine injected and I was ready for my next round of treatment.

Bellafill, injectables

Just before my second Bellafill® treatment.

Dr. Wise proceeded to inject the Bellafill® filler, as before, into my nasolabial folds. This time, there was slightly more discomfort. Dr. Wise explained that this was quite normal, as the area now had filler and the new collagen structure was being generated. After each injection, he once again massaged the area injected on the outside, as well as on the inside of my mouth to ensure that the filler was evenly dispersed. Once again, Dr. Wise also stopped periodically to ensure that there was symmetry between the areas injected.

I was then given ice packs with instructions to ice off and on throughout the day.

Bellafill, fillers, injectables

Immediately following the Bellafill® injections.

As with before, I took Arnica Montana and also used the Arnica Montana roll-on supplied by Dr. Wise’s office after my initial Bellafill® treatment. I had absolutely no bruising after the treatment. There was some minor swelling, but it subsided within 24-36 hours. Even though the treatment itself was marginally more uncomfortable this time, the recovery was even easier.

Now that I have had the second Bellafill® treatment, I am starting to see some lasting results. It is a very subtle, but impactful difference. Definitely not a change that anyone else could easily pinpoint, but absolutely a change that makes my face look softer and more youthful. My next appointment with Dr. Wise is in mid-January. I’ll be sharing photos of my results in the coming months as the PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) microspheres in Bellafill® continue to create a framework that supports new collagen production.

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