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Pro Treatment Trial: Bellafill® Injectable Filler Treatments

A couple of weeks ago, you may recall that I had consultation to see if I was a good candidate to have Bellafill® treatment. After having a negative skin test (indicating that I was not allergic to the bovine collagen in the filler), I had my first scheduled treatment.

When I arrived for my appointment, Dr. Wise greeted me, explained the treatment in detail and advised that his assistant would return to apply a numbing cream to my face. The lidocaine numbing cream was used to make me more comfortable when the needle with the local numbing agent is injected into the skin prior to the Bellafill® injections.

Pre-treatment numbing cream!

Pre-treatment numbing cream!

After having the numbing cream on for approximately 30 minutes, Dr. Wise returned, removed the numbing cream and had me smile so he could precisely mark where he would inject the Bellafill®. After injecting a local numbing agent, which was the only uncomfortable (albeit minimal) part of the process, it was time for the treatment.

Markings where the Bellafill will be injected.

Markings where the Bellafill will be injected.

Dr. Wise's weapon of choice, a syringe of Bellafill.

Dr. Wise’s weapon of choice, a syringe of Bellafill.

He proceeded to methodically inject the Bellafill® filler into the nasolabial fold on the right side of my face, using a cannula instead of a needle. The cannula moves blood vessels to the side instead of piercing them, lessening the risk of bruising. As he did the injections, he would stop to massage the injected area to make sure that the filler was evenly dispersed. After doing the same on the left side, he looked at my face to ensure everything looked symmetrical and proceeded to add a few more injections to one side of my face.

Immediately after the Bellafill injections.

Immediately after the Bellafill injections.

After the injections, I was given two ice packs with instructions to ice throughout the evening. I was also given Arnica capsules and a topical gel roll-on to use post-treatment to help prevent/minimize any swelling and bruising.

Dr. Wise advised that once the filler settles, within a few days of the first treatment, it will almost look as if I didn’t have anything injected. The second treatment, which I will receive in 4-5 weeks, is done to ensure the volume in the treated area is sufficient. While the collagen absorbs over time, the PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) microspheres in Bellafill® create a framework that supports your body’s natural collagen production.

I absolutely love the results that I saw after the initial treatment. I had minimal swelling and no bruising. After the local anesthetic wore off, I had no discomfort. My husband even commented (unsolicited!) that I looked good and that my cheeks looked more defined. I guess he was just noticing my cheeks more without the distraction of my smile lines.

Stayed tuned for more photos and my second Bellafill treatment!

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