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Welcome Fall with Pumpkin Beauty Products

Given that we are in the midst of a heat wave, where I live, and steamy enough at 8:00 pm to cook dim sum outside, it seems a bit premature to talk about pumpkin and the joys of autumn, However, fall is only two weeks away and all things pumpkin will wait for no one.  Not satisfied to just be delicious, pumpkin is packed with tons of vitamins and minerals that make it ideal for aiding in cell renewal and acting as an antioxidant. Below are some great pumpkin beauty products to keep you glowing throughout the new season.

Pumpkin Beauty

1) EMINENCE ORGANICS YAM & PUMPKIN ENZYME PEEL ($46) – Lactic acid, pumpkin puree, yam puree and pineapple come together to form a superpower natural exfoliant. Afterwards skin is left refreshed, hydrated and improved texture & tone.

2) JUNE JACOBS PERFECT PUMPKIN ENZYME POLISH ($60) – This face and body polish combines pumpkin enzyme with physical exfoliation from bamboo and jojoba micro beads with a proprietary blend of tea extracts to remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal.

3) MAKE UP FOR EVER ARTIST SHADOW in Pumpkin ($21) – This bronze/coppery pumpkin color is vibrant, but can also be blended and used as an accent making it equally perfect for fall fiestas and long walks wearing your favorite cozy sweater.

4) MYCHELLE PUMPKIN RENEW CREAM ($27) – This lightweight moisturizer combines the power of pumpkin seed oil with reparative peptides to hydrate and protect skin while spurring collagen production.

5) NEST PUMPKIN CHAI CANDLE ($38) – I love the smell (and taste) of pretty much any pumpkin-infused sweet treat. This candle lets you envelope yourself in the scent sans calories.

6) PETER THOMAS ROTH PUMPKIN ENZYME MASK ($58) – A true multi-tasker, this mask uses pumpkin, alpha-hydroxy and aluminum oxide to decongest clogged pores, remove dead skin cells and refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

7) SENNA MOISTURE LIP TREATMENT BALM WITH PUMPKIN SEED OIL ($16) – The pumpkin seed oil in this  lip balm, hydrates, smoothes and  protects dry, chapped lips.

8) VINCENT LONGO DUO LIP PENCIL in Naked/Pumpkin ($26) – Creamy and long-lasting, this daring duo is perfect for all and is pretty much universally flattering.


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