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Say “No” to Photoshopping with Darling Magazine

I love beauty and fashion magazines as much as the next person, maybe even more. I always have a stack by my bedside that I thumb through before I go to bed and dog-ear for future reference. In my mind, I know that the images of perfectly coiffed, wrinkle-free, smooth skinned, cellulite-immune models are not something to aspire to, but really just the “perfect” blank canvas on which designers and beauty brands can display their wares. However, when confronted with these images on a daily basis, you can’t help but compare these highly Photoshopped pictures with your own reality. It’s enough to make even the most confident person feel inadequate.

Now there is a women’s magazine that shows images of women with whom we can all identify.  Darling Magazine is the first and only magazine to never use Photoshop to alter images of women’s faces or bodies. The goal of the quarterly magazine is to empower women to feel good about themselves, just as they are.

Darling Mission

Darling Magazine’s mission

The ability to read content on beauty, fashion, travel and women’s issues without a side dish of unattainable “perfection” is truly refreshing and an important move towards self-acceptance and mainstream realization that there is no one standard of beauty.

Do you see traditional fashion magazines as aspirational or do you think they contribute to feelings of inadequacy and impact self-esteem?


Click here for more information on Darling or to subscribe.


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