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Ageist Beauty Out & About: The Organic Pharmacy Beauty Drops Launch

In honor of Earth Day, it’s apropos that I highlight a product that is not only natural and organic, but edible! I recently attended a launch event for The Organic Pharmacy’s new Beauty Drops, a product that is both a dietary supplement and skincare.


The Organic Pharmacy is an herbal and homeopathic pharmacy that was founded in London. All of their products are still handmade there, in small batches. Products are 100% organic and natural, using only the highest grade of oils and herbal extracts. Their latest, Beauty Drops, is made with Ginseng, Gotu Kola and Bilberry and can be used either topically or ingested.

Organic Pharmacy NYC

Adding the drops to your favorite serum, cream or mask increases the antioxidant levels in skin, protecting it from free radicals and giving you a radiant glow. A few drops added to a glass of water results in an instant boost of energy and hydrates skin.My first introduction to the product was via a Beauty Drops-enhanced cocktail at the launch event. A few drops were added to a Bellini (peach puree and champagne). The drops didn’t negatively impact the taste of the drink and I did feel more energetic afterwards (no small feat given that the event was at the end of a very long day).

Beauty drops bellini

A beauty product that makes you look radiant, gives you a burst of energy and makes you feel better about indulging in your favorite cocktail? Definitely a win-win!


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