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Ageist Beauty Quick Pick: Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I read the claims that this products makes. How could two little tubes of product promise to instantly transform my hair. The instructions which indicated that I should apply a quarter-size of dollop of product made me laugh. My dry, naturally curly hair eats coin-sized servings of hair product as a pre-breakfast appetizer. Then the idea of applying the product and immediately rinsing it out was a bit scary. I had visions of calling the poison control hotline or running to the mirror to see my hair burnt to a nub if I dared to leave the product in for even a second too long.

After shampooing, I applied Step 1 from the root to the tips of my hair. The one downside is that it didn’t smell that great. It smelled a bit like a multi-vitamin. I immediately rinsed it out. My hair didn’t feel different from any other time when I have shampooed and conditioned it. I then applied Step 2, which smelled slightly better (thank goodness) and immediately rinsed it out. After stepping out of the shower, I was expecting for my hair to look like I had just stepped out of the salon, perhaps fully styled. After all, the product did promise to instantly transform my hair. No such luck.


As I started to blow dry my hair and certainly once I was done blow drying and flat ironing, the results were clear. I kind of felt like someone tapped my shoulder and as I looked the other way they took my old hair away and replaced it with beautiful, soft, healthy, shiny new locks. My hair looked amazing. My husband even commented that my hair looked very nice and healthy. Transformed, indeed.


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