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Ask the Expert Interview: Dr. Craig Kraffert, Board Certified Dermatologist

For the latest edition of Ask the Expert, we interviewed Dr. Craig Kraffert, board certified dermatologist and President of Amarte, the premiere luxury skin care line that combines Korean skin care philosophy with American dermatology. He is also the founder of and owner of Redding Derm, the largest dermatology practice in northern California, where he specializes in both aesthetic and clinical dermatology.

As a leading dermatologist and the former CEO of, you have reviewed many different skin care brands. What made you decide to join Amarte?

As discussed by Seth Godin in The Dip, there is surprising value in being the best in the world at just about any endeavor.  I view Amarte skin care products as being among the very best in the world and thus see incredible market potential for the Amarte brand with the synergistic efforts of our dedicated entrepreneurial team.

What is the key differentiator between Amarte and others?

There are many important differentiators.  One key difference between Amarte and other skin care brands is that Amarte products use of proprietary fermentation techniques that are best conceptualized as akin to the methods used by vintners to create prize-wining fine wines.  Fermentation enables formulations with best-in-class anti-aging and rejuvenative ingredients to reach optimized tolerability and efficacy in a way that has raised the performance bar for cosmeceutical products.  Absorption, tolerance, efficacy elegance – all are greatly enhanced.

Are there certain ingredients that we should look for (or avoid) in the skin care products we use during the summer?

Use:   Sulfur, gingko nut extract – help promote skin calmness and purity.

Avoid:   Tough question as it pertains to summer specifically as we consider ingredients globally as we design our formulations.  Products with formaldehyde releasing preservatives are never desirable and can be more of a problem in the summer heat when they become more volatile.  Heavier oils regardless of origin (including heavier mineral oil) are also discouraged because they may increase sun-induced skin damage.

What is the one piece of advice that you consistently give your patients to help them combat the signs of aging?

Use broad spectrum high SPF sunscreen on all sun-exposed surfaces every day.

What is the most common myth about caring for aging skin?

Organic, natural and chiral are mostly mythical terms.  Of these, the word natural has no well-defined and universally agreed upon meaning. Natural means nothing and it means everything.  Still, the word natural has mythical significance attached to it by skin care manufacturers, marketers and customers.

In the past year, weve seen a lot of skin care products with charcoal, beauty oils have been a big hit and retinols are a perennial favorite. What do you see as the next big trend in skin care?

I envision broad spectrum high SPF sun protection finally moving into the qualitative realm of enjoyable product experiences that add to the overall skin aesthetic.  We will see more durable high efficacy sun protection products that perform beautifully either alone or in combination with a full range of other skin care experiences.  This trend will arise due to new breakthrough SPF products as well as the new opportunities for SPF formulation once the FDA approves new sunscreen ingredients as expected in the near future.



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