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Days like these call for Moroccanoil Body Products

Unless you’ve been under a rock, call another country home (and don’t bother with international news) or are blissfully ignorant in some small corner of the US not impacted by the Polar Vortex, you know that much of the US has been besieged by record cold weather the past couple of days. I almost feel bad complaining since the good people of Minnesota (and other midwestern states) are dealing with weather a good 20 degrees colder than the 1 degree weather that greeted me with morning. Well, on second thought – I don’t feel bad at all complaining. The weather has been so cold (and windy) that it is almost painful to be outside for more than a few minutes. Just going from the car to the grocery store calls for a cross-check (hats, gloves, scarf, balaclava – check) and a sprint to the door. Weather like this calls for … staying inside.

Cold weather requires that you moisturize your skin daily (and sometimes multiple times a day). Fortunately, Moroccanoil, creator of the cult Moroccanoil Treatment that started the argan (and overall beauty) oil craze, has launched body products.  The products range from a cleansing bar to an exfoliating body buff to pure argan oil. The body products are made with argan oil, as well as other skin hydrating natural ingredients such as grape seed oil, avocado and vitamin E and nearly all have the intoxicatingly seductive Moroccanoil scent that has legions of dedicated fans (including me!).


The Holiday Body Collection has all the need to treat your winter weary skin to some TLC.

New Moroccanoil candle with the amazing Moroccanoil fragrance.

New Moroccanoil candle with the amazing Moroccanoil fragrance.

My favorite product that I have tried from the Moroccanoil body line is the Body Buff. Gentle enough for every day use, it combines orange peel (which gives it a wonderful, slightly spicy, orange scent) to exfoliate dry skin (especially great for knees, elbows and feet!), with super-hydrating oils (argan, almond, safflower, grape seed, etc.) and vitamin E. After rinsing, skin is left soft, smooth and with a hint of a glow.

The Body Buff leaves your body soft and veiled in a light orange scent.

The Body Buff leaves your body soft and veiled in a light orange scent.

Instead of lamenting this sucker punch delivered at the hands of Mother Nature, I’m going to stay firmly ensconced in my warm home, enjoy a warm. soothing shower enveloped in the Moroccanoil fragrance only to emerge when the mercury has crept above freezing.



Disclaimer: We received a product sample for editorial consideration. These are our true thoughts and opinions. Ageist Beauty was not paid for this review.



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