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Do you dare to go gray?

Lucky Magazine recently published an article titled “19 Women Who Make Grey Hair Look Gorgeous”. Interestingly only about half of the 19 women highlighted were gray due to naturally occurring circumstances. The others were due to movie roles or young fashionistas looking to make a statement.

Graying hair appears to be one of those last bastions of aging that people feel semi-okay with outwardly judging others on. While the decision to have cosmetic surgery is typically seen as a personal choice, the decision to dye or not to dye may lead some to make other assumptions  about you (e.g., if you don’t dye your hair you don’t care about your appearance).

I, admittedly, have no intention of going gray until I am pushing 70 years-old. When I start to see those few wiry, gray hairs peeking out from the crown of my head (or even worse, dotting my hairline) I head straight to the salon or, in dire emergencies, reach for my favorite shade of Garnier Olio hair color. Coloring away the gray feels like a really easy way to erase a few years.

Do you feel like you must dye your hair to avoid unfair judgement by others? Is there an age at which one should just go with the flow and let the gray takeover?

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