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Product Review: Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Anti-Aging Haircare System

Next to readily apparent wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines, your hair’s appearance is one of those things that can immediately reveal your status as “a woman of a certain age” – and I’m not just talking about the dreaded “g word” (AKA gray hairs). I’m talking about thinning, brittle, lackluster hair that, unfortunately, is a right of passage and an unwanted side effect of aging and hormonal changes. To add insult to injury, thinning hair is more susceptible to breaking off, splitting and loss.

Contrary to what we may have thought in the past, hair health starts not with slathering on tons of product on top of the hair shaft, but in nourishing and supporting the hair follicle by supporting scalp health. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare has developed the first dermatologist-formulated anti-aging haircare system. The system includes three products (shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum) aimed at strengthening, nourishing and stimulating the hair follicle.

Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Treatment Set

Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Treatment Set

Root Resilience Strengthening Shampoo ($42) – Made with a blend of amino acids, peptides, antioxidants and soothing botanicals, this shampoo removes oil and impurities and reduces scalp inflammation resulting in thicker, longer and healthier hair.

Root Resilience Nourishing Scalp Conditioner ($38) – Hair elasticity and shine are improved with regular use of this conditioner that includes anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin B, Azelaic acid and Elastin. It also includes grapefruit oil (known to facilitate hair growth) and peppermint oil (good for reducing inflammation – helping to maintain the vitality of the scalp). The peppermint oil also gives your scalp a cool, tingly invigorating feeling once applied.

Root Resilience Anti-Aging Scalp Serum ($54) – The serum treatment includes Retinol, Collagen and Protein to help promote the strength of the hair follicle. Leaving hair more full, stronger and less likely to shed.

I have naturally curly/wavy hair and have consistently fallen in the camp of those that drown their hair in conditioner to keep it soft, manageable and healthy. As in, a typical 15 oz. size bottle of conditioner usually lasts me four applications. So, I was a bit nervous when the directions on the Root Resilience Scalp Conditioner indicated that the conditioner should be applied first to the scalp and then from root to tip. How was this ever going to be enough to coat my conditioner-loving locks? It isn’t. However, it works.

I have been using the full system for just over two weeks and find that my hair is softer, shinier and healthier-looking. One of the biggest changes that I have noticed is that I have seen less hair left behind after brushing my hair. Beyond that, several friends have asked what I do to keep my hair so thick, healthy and growing so quickly. I guess my secret is now out!


Disclaimer: We received a product sample for editorial consideration. These are our true thoughts and opinions. Ageist Beauty was not paid for this review.




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2 Comments to Product Review: Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Anti-Aging Haircare System
    • Mama
    • This sounds interesting (if expensive). I have noticed a lot more hair leaving my head and it annoys me. The problem is do I want to spend almost $150 to treat the problem? And how long would the products last? I really think when companies slap “anti-aging” on their products they believe they can charge an extra amount of money for it because we’re desperate, as women, to stay young. Oh the dilemma. I’d probably pass for now but it is very interseting to me.

      • Ageist Beauty
      • It’s definitely a bit of an investment, but it works. If you didn’t want to pay for the full system, I would recommend starting with the shampoo.

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