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Guest Post: Celebrate National Wear Red Day for Women!

In honor of National Wear Red Day for Women, we’re turning the blog over to Pamela Coleman, a fellow Ageist Beauty and former American Heart Association (AHA) National Go Red Ambassador.

Pam Coleman

I am a heart disease survivor of three open heart surgeries. I am very passionate about empowering women to take better care of themselves. Friday, February 1 is National Wear Red Day for Women and the American Heart Association invites everyone to wear something red to show their support of the #1 and #4 killers of women; heart disease and stroke.

As we paint the town red on National Wear Red Day, let’s remember some very important facts about women and heart disease. More women die from some form of cardiovascular disease than the next four causes of death – including cancer. Eighty percent of cardiac events in women could be prevented if women made the right choices for their hearts. You can reduce your risk factors by eating right, losing weight, get moving, abstain from smoking, reduce your blood sugar, manage blood pressure, and control your cholesterol.

The AHA Go Red for Women movement has been impacting the health of women for 10 years and more than 627,000 women have been saved from heart disease and 330 fewer women are dying per day. But the fight is not over yet. It’s time to shout louder, stand stronger and demand change. Let’s come together in a movement that is not just FOR women, but BY women. Our health is non-negotiable and we have the power to save our lives.

Please join me on tomorrow and “paint” your towns, offices, homes and schools red. I encourage your children to wear red in support of all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and girlfriends who could one day be affected by this disease.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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