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Product Review: GoodSkin Labs Exten-10 Instant Youth Boosting Moisturizer

As we have said many times, moisturizing your skin is even more essential during the winter months. A good moisturizer that leaves you smooth and flake-free, but not looking like an oil slick, is like gold. My new favorite moisturizer is GoodSkin Labs Exten-10. It combines hyaluronic acid (the substance widely known to help lessen the effects of aging), sirtuin complex (said to extend the life of cells) and broad spectrum SPF 15 to form a great all-in-one anti-aging treatment, moisturizer and SPF product.

For the past three months, I have been using Exten-10 as my daytime moisturizer and SPF and it’s a winner! The product is lightweight, yet super hydrating. It is easily absorbed into the skin and is unscented. Since using the product, I have found that I no longer have the flakiness that I had in the past during the cool weather months. My skin is smoother and more radiant. I have also found that I no longer need a nighttime moisturizer to supplement my daytime moisturizer. In the past, I would use a lightweight moisturizer during the day and then a heavier cream or ointment in the evening to help keep my skin hydrated.

I’m honored that Ageist Beauty has been chosen as a GoodSkin Labs Honorary Circle Member. As an honorary circle member, I have had the opportunity to try their full line of products. They are truly a hidden gem. I first became aware of the brand while testing products for the Ladies’ Home Journal “This Stuff Works” issue. I tried their dark spot treatment, Equinol, and was impressed. The brand is part of the Estee Lauder family of brands (thus privy to those deep beauty research pockets!), but not marketed widely (primarily available at Kohl’s Stores, as well as We’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts on some of the other GoodSkin Labs products.

Do you have a favorite beauty brand that is a hidden gem?


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