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Take that Sandy: Perfect Hair Courtesy of Living Proof Prime Style Extender

I’m one of those people that approaches everything with more than a healthy dose of skepticism. Cases in point – Doctor, are you sure of that diagnosis? Let me get a third opinion; Mr. Experienced Arborist, are you positive those bugs are killing my shrubs?  Yes, I give nearly everything the twice over. So, when I heard about Living Proof’s new Prime Style Extender claiming to double the lifespan of any hair style, I gave it my typical side-eye *O_o*. Living Proof Prime promises to smooth your hair’s cuticle, improving the hair’s texture, while protecting it from humidity and moisture. Prime also helps keep oil and dirt at bay, helping to keep your hair fresh and clean for a longer period of time.

Superstorm Sandy, which impacted much of the east coast, provided the perfect opportunity to test the product’s claims. Although, we were very fortunate to have had power for all but 20 minutes – tiny images of storm-ravaged communities (via my trusty iPhone since our cable, Internet and home phone were out (booo Comcast!)), gasoline rationing and few stores being open don’t exactly make for a strong desire to be photo-worthy. Since I wasn’t really going anywhere why bother to wash my hair!

On Day 1, I washed my hair using my normal shampoo and conditioner. After rinsing the conditioner, I patted my hair gently until it was just damp. I then applied 20 cents worth of Living Proof Prime to my hair. Twenty cents worth, you ask? I have hair that is just short of shoulder-length and applied a nickel-size dollop to each side of my hair (including the front) and a dime size to the back. Two nickels, plus a dime equals twenty cents. Yes, cabin-fever was indeed setting in when I came up with that! Make sure the product is applied from root to tip. Prime can be used alone or with other styling products since it made without any silicones or oils. After combing it through, I dried and styled my hair into its normal curly wavy/curly style. After drying my hair, it felt very soft and slightly less frizzy than usual. As I write this post, I am on Day 3 post-shampoo and sure enough my hair looks and feels clean and the curls in the front and on the sides are still in place. Typically, they would have been flattened into a loose, matted wave by now. The back of my hair is flattened, but then again nothing can combat the impact of my 10-pound head compressing my hair into my satin pillowcase each night.

Living Proof Prime delivers what it claims – style that lasts, while still remaining soft and clean. I’m adding this treasure to my travel essentials kit. Traveling, without the daily pressure to wash and restyle my hair will make any getaway that much more sweet!



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