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Beauty on Trial: Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrition Program

Growing up I had a ton of hair, seriously a ton. It was thick, curly/wavy and unruly. As a young girl, I remember looking up at my mother with her long, less thick and more manageable hair and wishing that my locks looked the same. As my mom got older and cut her hair short, I noticed that it was not nearly as full and lush as it had once been. In fact, her hair is so thin that I can see her scalp in some places. Well, now I find myself in the same situation. My hair, while still healthy and fairly full, is dramatically thinner than it was as a child and even in my 20’s and early 30’s. I have even started to notice a thinning patch on the crown of my head (quelle horreur!). Clearly, it’s time for some action before I too am headed for a scalp-baring situation.

After hearing a lot of good feedback about Viviscal, I’ve decided to give it a try.  Viviscal is a natural dietary supplement that works to nourish hair follicles, strengthen and promote growth of existing hair, and increase the overall strength and health of hair. It is intended for use by those that have thinning hair or hair loss due to menopause, stress, medication, poor nutrition, or hereditary reasons. Viviscal comes in pill form and must be taken twice a day. While hair typically grows approximately a 1/2 inch each month, I’ve heard of Viviscal users experiencing growth of an amazing 1 to 1.5 inches per month while taking it. The packaging recommends using it for a minimum of 6 months, but I’m impatient, so I’m going to give it 60 days to show some results! I’ll do a follow-up post in one month, to share my experience with the supplement.

Has your hair changed much as you have aged? If so, will you do anything to try to restore it to its former glory or are you being accepting of the change?


Note: Viviscal contains fish ingredients and is not intended for those with seafood allergies.



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