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Incorporating the Spring Color Trend into your Makeup

The bright color trend for Spring is driving me crazy.. in a good way. Every time I see a reference to neons and nudes, a purple lip gloss or Kelly green denim I want to buy it – all of it. It has me wondering though do you have to be a certain age to wear bright, neon colors?

Yes, we’ve all seen gorgeous, elegant gray-haired ladies, like MAC collaborator and artist, Iris Apfel, with a bold red pout, but is mandarin orange a different story? Can you be a grandma and wear green nail polish? You get the point. I think that bright-colored clothing and accessories look great on almost anyone and bright-colored makeup can too.

Below are a few tips for including this hot trend into your makeup:

Pick one, any one – Choose one area of your face to incorporate the bright color. Use that bright purple eyeliner, but complement it with a nude lip and a very pretty pale pink cheek.  Wear that bright pink lipstick with pride, but pair it with simply adorned eyes with a single coat of black mascara.

Nail the trend – I used to be very conservative with my nail color choices, but for some reason as I’ve aged I’ve been experimenting more with nail polish – yellow, orange, blues, you name it. A pop of nail color is an easy way to brighten your outfit and your day. If you are more conservative, stick with a traditional nail palette and then add a bright color to one nail on each hand as an accent.

Confidence is key – be comfortable with whatever color you are wearing. If you feel self-conscious about your choice, it will show. Wear color with confidence and have fun with it! After all, it’s only makeup. If it turns out that orange blush didn’t work – wash, rinse and restart with something new!


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